The English Church

The English Church is a network of thoughtful people who care about the Word of God and how it relates to their life on Earth. Our goal with this website is to provide a place where people can find inspiration and strength from the Bible and the example of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

The English Church is a ministry of Jesucristo Fuente de Amor Church and Christian International Foundation, Inc.


The English Church History

In November 2006, Bill and Peg Pearson moved to the Dominican Republic to begin work as missionaries. Between November 2006 and September 2007, Bill and Peg worked diligently as missionaries. They began Bible studies, worked with orphanages, began micro investing projects, economic development projects, and much more. In September 2007, Pastor Luis Alberto Reyes asked Bill to consider beginning a new church service at his church, Iglesia Jesucristo Fuente de Amor. He asked Bill to be the pastor of the new church. The church was to meet on the second floor of Iglesia Jesucristo Fuente de Amor. After several months and remodeling of the second floor, on March 15, 2008, The English Church was inaugurated. The church started with four committed individuals. The four people devoted themselves to prayer. They asked God to grow the church. In November 2008, the average weekly attendance was thirty. Throughout the time the church has existed, the leadership has strived to make improvements and to grow the congregation. Since its inception, The English Church has formed a church council and has selected leaders for various segments of the worship service. It continues to look for ways to improve its worship service and to reach more people for Christ.

God continues to bless the church greatly. It is our prayer that the church will continue to reach the English speaking population of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.