The English Church

Bible Study

The English Church regularly holds Bible studies. The Bible studies are to enrich each individual’s spiritual life by gaining knowledge of God’s Word. The Bible studies include working in groups, learning how to interpret God’s Word, discussions, and much more. The Bible studies are an effective method to grow in each person’s relationship with Jesus Christ.


Mission Trips

The English Church is a mission oriented church. The people of the church have a strong desire to spread the Gospel around the world. Several times a year, the church sends out mission teams throughout the Dominican Republic. In addition to teams spreading the Gospel in the Dominican Republic, the church sends teams to the United States. In the future, the church hopes to send teams to Europe and Asia.


Teen Ministry

The English Church is blessed with many teens. The Teen Ministry works with the teens to help them grow in a relationship with each other and with Jesus Christ. Throughout the year, the Teen Ministry provides many activities. i.e. pizza parties, trips to the beach, attending concerts, Bible studies, street evangelism, and much more. The Teen Ministry focuses on the teens of the church growing spiritually, staying strong in their faith, developing a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, and being a witness for Christ in their lives.


Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adult Ministry is an adult ministry for people 18 to 35 years of age. This group meets monthly. During the year it has a variety of activities. i.e. movie nights, trips to the beach, basketball games, concerts, volleyball games, Bible studies, trips to see Dominican baseball games, leading worship services, and much more. It is a homogeneous group that works at building a relationship with each other and with Jesus Christ.


Women’s Ministry

Young and old are invited to attend the Women’s Ministry. It is a ministry to meet the relationship building and spiritual needs of women. In this ministry, women read great books and meet together to discuss a book, they study God’s Word together, meet at a restaurant socially, provide needed services at the church, and much more. Their goals include growing spiritually, knowing God’s Word more clearly, providing support to each other, developing a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other.